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The period beginning September 11,and ending on a date prescribed by presidential proclamation or by Congress as the last day of operation Iraqi freedom or uniform date definition enduring freedom, whichever occurs later. Other types of property were also defined in UMPA, including property income, insurance policies, uniform date definition, and deferred employment benefits. A coin also has a uniform distribution because the probability of getting either heads or tails in a coin toss is the same. John: Are kidding me? What Are the Odds? Login Newsletters. Next...

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This class of property encompassed all property belonging to all spouses, with several exceptions. In the event of questionable property—whether it belonged to either spouse individual property or was general marital property in nature—UMPA considered it to be marital property, in which case evidence to support the claim of individual property was needed. Property of a spouse that was not marital property was considered individual property. Other types of property could be obtained during marriage and yet remain individual property, an example being an inheritance. Likewise, a gift to a spouse from a third party remained individual property. Other types of property were also defined in UMPA, including property income, insurance policies, and deferred employment benefits.