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Tinder’s latest feature, Tinder U, is only for college students

From there on, I guess it's pretty straightforward to fix up a date and go meet the girl. It immediately makes you stand out from the pack and shows your potential suitor that you are very interested before she has had the choice of swiping left or right on you. Then do something else. With back-to-school around the corner, Tinder has taken their matchmaking capabilities to a whole new level by launching a feature specifically catering to college students. Related Articles. Head over to Facebook and start liking more pages. Loading comments

The profiles I see are far away.

Spread the word. Swipe with Tinder, tinder u too far away. You might have heard someone say that college is a time when everyone is sexually experimenting. Some girls just want to chat with guys and will never meet them, some will want to meet but just be friends, others are looking for a relationship and boyfriend material, and others are just looking for a quick hook up. Email Address required. Navigate Left. Next...

Your Tinder profile photo is the very first thing anyone sees about you when they that you can adjust to determine how far away Tinder will look for matches. It's really pissing me off. Every time I get a match their profile says something like miles away, like 5 matches so far out of 9 were like that. Why? I have my. The drawback with this is that you might not want to match with somebody that is too far away. I guess the question is: Do you use Tinder as a tool to meet up.:

Tinder has made its way around the past several years, quickly climbing the charts as the most popular dating app. If you would like more technical information on interacting with Tinder, check out this guide. Fortunatley for you, this list is geared toward getting guys more matches and using Tinder to the fullest. Here are a few things to keep in mind:. If someone is interested in you — but on the fence on whether they will swipe right or left — they may tap your profile to see more.