Tinder Announces Tinder U Service For College Students-Top Ten Reviews

Tinder’s latest feature, Tinder U, is only for college students

Spotify could occasionally check your location to ensure you meet its Family plan conditions. For instance, students will see their university stamped on their main profile image. If you go to a big school, that's not likely to happen. Send Warning. Tinder U functions just like regular old Tinder, with swiping and all.

Introducing Tinder U

Tinder U will prioritize students who attend the same school. Let's face it—it doesn't get any classier than this. When toggled on, tinder u on ios will see their school logo depicted as a badge on their profile image. T-Mobile has been testing 2. If you really think you have the ability to hurt someone's feelings with your goofy, anonymous comments online, you're dumber than your comments suggest. Next...

If you're interested in using Tinder U, it is rolling out now on iOS devices. It's limited to students at four-year, accredited, not-for-profit schools. Tinder U is currently rolling out to iOS users at “4-year, accredited, not-for-profit schools in the U.S. that deliver courses in a traditional. To use Tinder U, students will first have to be geolocated on campus and Tinder says the new feature is launching initially on iOS devices at.:

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