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Getting No Matches on Tinder? Here’s Why

Sep 14, Not to mention, selfies only tell the story of you alone in your bathroom or car. Yes — even on Tinder. Here's Why. Thought it was because I hit a bad run but seeing as how I have two accounts, with different emails I haven't gotten any matches other than one fatty over the past week. Hope that helps some readers. Reseting Your Tinder Account There is a short cut.

Match. Chat. Date.

Twitter Medium Facebook Instagram. I have yet to ever reset like that. The latest update on iOS has made the app beyond fucking useless. Not succeeding in Tinder is likely nothing to do with your physical or psychological makeup, no tinder matches yet job, earning potential, attractiveness or any of that. It's not a big deal; only takes 5 minutes. Next...

Getting a match on Tinder might not be rocket science, but there is actually reasons why some people get matches on Tinder and some don't. But if you're having a hard time making Tinder matches, you're not alone. It does Hey, it's no secret that a lot of people are on Tinder for sex. Tinder says I have dozens of likes, but gives me no matches. Okay, so I'm really pissed off. It's the third time I'm giving Tinder a chance, and it still does this shit.:

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