Coconut Date Balls Recipe - Ten Reviews


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Date Rolls

I crave these every year. Loveee dates. Spread out the coconut on a plate. Along with dates you can also use fig. Thanks for sharing this recipe! The sweet dates with nuts is really a bomb!! Store them air tight containers. Next...

a healthy,sugar free, guilt free sweet that's an absolutely beginners delight. Trust me when i say,making Dates roll at home is super easy, hardly . CORN CANAPES / CORN SEV CANAPES / INDIAN CANAPES RECIPE. Aug 18, Try this scrumptious #recipe for Date Rolls! Soji balls Soji Recipe, Diwali Recipes, Indian Desserts, Indian Food Recipes, Diwali. There are two of Amma's treats that always come to mind when I smell roasting coconut - Poli and Date Rolls. Date Rolls (Date filled biscuits.:

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