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India's Anglo-Indian community fights for survival

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Anglo-Indians: Is their culture dying out?

Dr Charles Dias, the community's sole member of the Lok Sabha parliament has launched a new campaign to win greater government support to help preserve its culture and to encourage more Anglo-Indians to marry within their own community, anglo indian dating uk. At the time of India's independence in there were half a million Anglo-Indians in the country. Feel free to edit this list or discuss these tasks. This does not represent the Past or Present actuality of the situation. I am reverting the series of changes made by Jagged Lots of people are queueing up wanting to say, "I'm Irish". Next...

communities of similar origin, especially those having a British heritage; evolving into what is presently known as the Anglo-Indian Community of India. To legally .. program designed to construct several large Anglo-Indian schools. To date. DATING AND COURTSHIPIN BRITAIN: ANGLO-INDIANS WHO MET IN INDIA AND MARRIED IN THE UK In the case of 30 percent of the married couples. UK News: An estimated Anglo-Indians in India and a million more around the world feel burdened by the dark secret of a mixed-race.:

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